Ginger and Kendall: Oxford, MS Wedding Photographer

Ginger and Kendall got married on April 14 at Oak Hill Stables in Oxford. I love Oak Hill because the ceremony and reception are all in one location. Ashley Daniels of Twisted Twig did the flowers.  She is absolutely incredible!

Ginger and Kendall were up for anything, so we drove down the drive a little to take pictures of just the two of them. It was a beautiful day – not too hot nor too cold. They even walked out in the grass area for a few shots!

After the ceremony, we took a few more pictures as the sunset, before the ceremony officially began. The chandelier in the tent was gorgeous once it was nightfall.

Kendall owns Oxford Adventure, Boot Camp for Women, in Oxford, so if you’re in the Oxford area looking for a great place to work out, contact him!

(I can’t get these to load right, so they are in reverse order, starting with the reception…sorry!).

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